MLive Entertainment, April 2014 :

Singer/songwriter Stephanie Hamood (Blue Mtn Belle) has an intoxicatingly gorgeous voice, which is at once sweet and soulful. Tender and smart lyrics combined with a keen sense of melody, timing, and phrasing make this young gal’s tunes irresistable. Ultimately, her songwriting style is a delightful marriage of modern folk and 60’s soul. Rather than being influenced by today’s overproduced, Top 40 gloss, it’s evident that Ms. Hamood subscribes to the warm, analog sounds of yesteryear, such as: Etta James, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and the Shirelles 

- Coley Kennedy, MLive Entertainment, April 2014

Motor City Muckraker, August 2014 :

"Their debut EP is only a small amount of the mass potential they have. Most EP’s are meant to be a small taste of a band, but this one has just started to tap into the classic and unique sound that they displayed live. It will be intriguing and exciting to see what they do next."

-Eric Kiska, Motor City Muckraker, August 2014

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The Insomnia Radio Network, August 2014 :

"The track Silent Film is a downtempo gem, one of the more powerful pieces I’ve heard thus far during the year, with a picture perfect narrative and voice that could easily frame the action for Swanson, Pickford, Garbo or Clara Bow in any number of the old silents"

-Charles Stepczyk, Insomnia Radio Network, August 2014

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Oakland Press article, March 2014

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Daily Tribune article, March 2014

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